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Volusion Designers Work
06.28.12 - New store launch. Forces of Nature.
06.20.12 - New beta store launch. Jing Herbs.
06.18.12 - New beta store launch. Niki Nixter.
06.04.12 - Integrated multiple location store locator feature added to Volusion Add-Ons.
05.28.12 - New beta store launch: Inkcuts.com.
05.20.12 - New beta store launch: Directtrailerparts.com.
05.05.12 - New Logo Designed for Niki Nixter. Store currently in design.
04.11.12 - New Logo Designed for Inkcuts.com. Store currently in design.
04.08.12 - New Logo Designed for Databug.com. Store currently in design.
03.08.12 - Logo Design Completed for DirectTrailerParts.com. Store Pending Design.
02.20.12 - New store launch: Frostproof.com.
01.25.12 - New feature functionality templates created for GreatUsefulStuff
01.10.12 - New store launch: Hydroponics Shops of America.
10.20.11 - We're pleased to announce another redesigned store: Lewis Natural Store.
10.03.11 - New Store Launch: The Intentional Living Store.
09.08.11 - Built- is please to announce the new Store Launch of Modernherbshop.com.
08.15.11 - We're happy to launch the corporate site for Parkenna Company.
08.01.11 - New Store Launch for Skinpea, a supplier of mobile device screen protectors.
07.25.11 - Splash images designed for Wiredforless.com and Skincaremarket.net.
07.15.11 - Store Launch. Mechtedia.com. Hi-tech media supplies and equipment.
06.10.11 - Template Redesign Launch for Wiredforless.com.
06.08.11 - New Store Launch: Petonly.ca. Built- is happy to announce the new Petonly.ca
06.03.11 - Store Redesign Launch for Greatusefulstuff.com.
05.17.11 - Logo designed for Skinpea. Store launch to follow soon.
05.09.11 - Splash promotional images designed for Skincaremarket.
05.01.11 - ModernHerbShop logo designed.
04.15.11 - Created custom store locator for Nootie.com.
04.06.11 - Sweet Potato Cafe additional interior pages added to existing storefront.
03.29.11 - Wiredforless special Ipad sleeve newsletter campaign designed and delivered.
03.17.11 - Store Launch: Built- launches the new muffin store SweetPotatoCafe.com.
03.03.11 - Store Launch: Built- is pleased to announce the redesigned Nootie.com.
03.02.11 - Blog launch of Yobitechblog.com for Yobitech.com.
03.01.11 - Added fading slideshow functionality to TeamIssued.com.
02.26.11 - Store Launch: Built- is pleased the new ecommerce store, TheLugStore.com.
02.24.11 - New logo design created for Hi-Tech Media.
02.18.11 - Store Launch: Built- introduces the redesigned store and logo of ExpressNaturals.com.
02.17.11 - Custom mobile store designed for Manhattanlcd.com.
02.10.11 - Informational site design launched for Crystal Clear Entertainment.
01.28.11 - Store Launch: Built- is pleased to announce the redesigned TheOnlineDrugstore.com.
01.05.11 - Increasing trend in e-commerce stores adopting web 2.0 designs.
01.03.11 - Logos created for ExpressNaturals and TheOnlineDrugstore. Store launches pending.
12.25.10 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
12.15.10 - Store Launch: new redesigned AquaTraders.com e-commerce store.
12.05.10 - Site Launch: ScoutMicro.com corporate information website.
12.01.10 - Coolandinteresting.com six weeks of sales marketing campaign launched.
11.18.10 - Indulgeyourskin Splash image created for holiday promotions.
11.18.10 - Downhill Publishing monthly newsletters.
10.20.10 - Wiredforless newsletter campaign designed and delivered.
10.18.10 - We're pleased to announce new store launch: Redemptronic.com.
10.12.10 - Built- develops customer autoresponder API integration w/ 3rd party email clients.
10.07.10 - CAI - Launched PPC Campaign w/ Google Analytics Integration.
10.02.10 - New newsletter creatives made for Indulgeyourskin.com.
10.01.10 - Newsletter sent and created for introduction of Box Fonts Product.
09.25.10 - Redemptronic Volusion Store Design and Product Import.
09.13.10 - Upgrade of billing software for greater client accuracy and increased efficiency.
09.02.10 - Built- Volusion Designers launch redesigned Downhill Publishing store.
08.20.10 - Downhill - Full migration of products and site content to Volusion platform.
09.08.10 - Graphic Design and Coding of CAI Launch Banners
09.02.10 - Collegegear Category Pages: Custom Category Pages for NCAA Teams.
08.12.10 - Yobitech. Custom developed form for RFQ proposal quotes on large quantity orders.
08.09.10 - Learntosee.com - Launched new store catered to Academy of Art Students.
07.30.10 - Company poker game leads to excessive bluffing.
07.21.10 - Upgrade of equipment and software for better development.
07.05.10 - Built- adds new staff, lead graphic designer and programmer, to team.
06.20.10 - Eastern Leaf undergoes a homepage redesign with news feeds.

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